Please save files containing text to a lossless format an not a JPG file. JPG files have loss in their compression. For images it is acceptable for text it cases artifact in the edge of the text and require the less compressing be used than if one was using TIF or GIF compression. If you already have JPG files I will be glad to take them.
I have yet to be successful using text recognition on color or gray scale files. My best success it to do two scans one in binary black and white for text recognition and one in color or gray scale for the images. This is tiresome for both scanning and making the conversion. So far I have had to reset the documents with text recognition if anyone knows of a better solution I would like to know about it.
I am not putting any restrictions on how the documents are scanned. Of course they should be readable. Unless asked to do other wise the contributors will not be associated with the material they contribute. I will be glad to attribute it to you if you wish but I think it prudent that Joe Smith made a copy of XYZ to post on the internet i not recorded anywhere in case someone 10 years from now finds a way to make live miserable for us. Contributors will be acknowledged but only as contributors and not specifically what they contribute and anonymous contributions are welcome.
Anyone that wishes to contribute can send me files by email as large as you wish, I can set you up a temporary FTP account or get it from yours or send it by mail.